nudism naturism‘Nudism’; now there’s a word that brings some lovely images to mind! Seriously though, as sexy as the word sounds, nudism is actually not about sex at all but rather a natural way of living. Yes, nudists like to walk around naked and yes, they do so regardless of the sex of those around them, but unless you really understand nudism then you are likely going to have certain…misconceptions about it to say the least.

First, let me explain why nudists do what they do, in simple terms that you’ll understand without having to consult the nudism bible. **Note: That was a joke! They don’t have a special bible silly!!**

Nudism which is also known as naturism is considered to be a lifestyle based on a very natural health premise that goes back centuries. Today, there is a strong emphasis on what nudism does for a person’s body image and self esteem as well, based on the fact that by being naked in the presence of others that you are able to let go of any misconceptions or distorted messages and expectations that you have as far as the media’s portrayal of what we should look like. It helps people to feel less self conscious about their bodies and in turn be more accepting of themselves as well as others for who they are and not what everyone else expects them to be.

Nudists don’t just wander the streets naked without any concern for those around them, which alone should make you wonder about any negative things that nay-sayers may…well…nay say about nudists. They do not break the law and they are not on a mission to offend or impose their beliefs and lifestyle on anyone unwilling. They are happy to agree that it is a personal choice and do not go around attempting to recruit! Nudists limit their naked time to the privacy of their own homes or to nudist resorts, functions, cruises, beaches, etc. They have organizations around the world of other nude-minded people who plan events and offer suggestions of places that are clothing-optional or clothing-free.

Another thing that most don’t realize about nudists is that they consist of families and people of every age and race. It really is a family affair as most people who believe in naturism go on to raise the children the same way. For those families, they are comfortable being naked around one another and participating in everyday activities in the buff without any qualms. And if you were to go to a nude beach or resort, you would find families and everyday people like you and me going about their business; swimming, talking and playing games—only naked.

Whatever your take on nudism, you can’t deny that promoting self-acceptance and a positive body image is a great thing, especially given today’s pressure to be ultra buff or stick thin…with large boobs…and perfect hair.